Parametric tablet stand

I just mounted a selfmade 0.025mm thick titanium conveyor belt with Kapton surface to the smaller one of my 3d printers.  ..works great!

One of the first things I printed with it was this:
I really like Nexus7 Stand by Parametric Design but I wanted some changes.
Using the stand in a train I found the viewing angle to be too steep.
It's also very small. So the headphone cable on one side of the (landscape) tablet pulls it away.

Thus I made a parametric stand.
One that has 2 slots to use the tablet in 2 different viewing angles and that is wider.
Both angles and the sizes are asjustable before it's 3d printed.
And yes, it does carry it's own Thingiverse ID engraved.

2012-12-10 Titanium belt and parametric Nexus7 stand

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