Added Android Wear support for K9

I just added some very first Android Wear support for the K9 mailer.
The default actions where unsatisfactory as "reply" doesn't work on a watch unless you implement the voice recognition feature. "delete" shouldn't be offered if "confirm delete" is active and thus the user needs to confirm an action on the phone that he/she initiated on the watch.

For the time being I added "delete" (if confirm is off), "archive" and "spam".
Extensive checks are done to make sure these actions are possible. Since afterwards the user can not be informed about them failing as Toasts will apear on the phone, not the watch.

The plan is to
  • have the user select what 3 actions to show on watch+phone for single messages and groups of new messages
  • stack the notifications about multiple new messages
  • add the ability to reply using voice input

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