The perfect messenger

There are so many messengers around but none of them seems to meet the criteria I have for a reasonably secure messenger.
Since this gets discussed over and over again, here are:

My Requirements for a messenger service 


  • If there are one or many central operators/brokers/hubs, they can not read ANY messages past, present or future
  • encryption is always end to end.
  • I can change between my different devices and continue a chat (key exchange between my devices)
  • end to end encrypted group chats (this basically means changing keys and distributing them to all participants whenever someone joins or parts) 


  • I can have multiple full identities (not just usernames as aliases that share a profile image+text+contacts-list)
  • I can receive and send messages as all my identities at the same time (no logout+login)
  • Nobody can find out IF I am using this type of messenger at all by knowing my phone number 
  • Neither my phone number nor any other information about my real world identity are stored with the operator (exception for temporary storage of IPv6/IPv4 addresses)
  • optional: If there are one or many central operators/brokers/hubs, they can not know the identities that communicate with each other
  • optional: I can set up my own server/hub/broker


  • texts, images and locations can be shared
  • one to one and group chat 
  • there is a chat history that I can access from all my devices (my be stored encrypted with my own key on a server or local on the client)
  • optional: videos can be shared
  • optional: voice and/or video -chat
  • optional: voice and/or video group-chat

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