The last update for the Tapatalk forum reader software now needs the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission.
Obviously for reading web-forums there is absolutely no need for this information.

No Android except CyanogenMod with special privacy settings for this one app or Android 6 with as-of-yet unknown required settings would even ask the user.
Let alone allow the user to disable location access in the first place.
So almost all users out there will just have their coarse location inquired and handled without even knowing about it, without their consent and with no requirement to provide this information for the functioning of the app whatsoever.

Aparently it requests the location every time the app starts, a fragment becomes visible and when the app ends without any visible feature using the information.

Here is the answer from Tapatalk support:

Thanks for contacting us.  Location data is not required, and you have the option to not provide location data.

You can also change your location permission by going to Settings>Scroll to bottom to the apps and select Tapatalk>Location.  You can change the setting to Never.
(Remark: This only exists in CyanogenMod)

All information collected is non-Personally Identifiable Information. 

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