32C3....I broke my 3D printer

I am on the 32 Chaos Communication Congress (CCCFr space in the hackcenter).
The plan was to upgrade my Ultimaker II extended to an Olsson Block and then try some new filaments with the replacable nozzles.
Including to print some important parts that I need in my workshop in the first week of january.

What the installation instructions on the Ultimaker site fail to mention...
you are likely to rip apart your themperature sensor and a new one from Ultimaker costs 55eur including shipping with no choice to NOT use a B2B courier (a very common 1eur part installed into a 3mm tube) including FedEx-shipping (that doesn't work for delivery to private homes. Only business offices open continously Mo-Fr 8-16:00).

That's exactly what happened to me.

"luckily" it's Sunday, the first day of 32C3. So I ordered my replacement to be shipped directly to my hotel and told Ultimaker in an email that it MUST arrive in time or I won't be able to receive it at all.

....somehow I don't think it will actually arrive before I leave Hamburg. Tomorrow I'll call Ultimaker in the Netherlands to see what they think about their chances of this happening. Fedex is a courier service after all. So let's see if they ARE faster then a regular parcel (2 days).

Ultimaker can't ship due to the holidays. Igo3D doesn't list the part but says on the phone that they have it in stock and can ship it right away.

Where igo3D and Ultimaker both failed, another Ultimaker-Forum user stepped in. I was able to pick up a sensor from him, just 2 train stations away from the congress.

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