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I've been using Alibre Design Express, then Alibre Design Personal Edition, ... now Geomagic Design Studio for years now. Lately for my robot arm project, I had the need for involute gears and stunbled across this one.


Aparently someone wrote an application that uses the (very limited) API to write a Python script interpreter that can create and modify designs in the CAD program. It apears to exist for quite some time now and was formerly known as ADScript. A blog named Britishideas posted about it back in 2013 with a series of cool examples. WizoScript (as it is now called) already contains functions to make gears. Although it seems to not do the undercuts properly (as aparently many involute gear generators do).


Beware that the examples all expect the planes to have english names. In a German Geomagic Design you need to change "XY-Plane" to "XY-Ebene" for the examples to work.

There is more!

  • BritishIdeas: Assembly Export utility that orients each part properly for 3D printing! 
(Just create a plane from any face and name it "Bottom" in each part)
(Just assign an extruder-number to each color used in the assembly.)
(I tried that with the included KeyShot recently and found it to be GREAT! It's a terribly trivial and fast workflow.)


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