Hand strap for my GH4 and GH5 cages

Project history

  1. designing+prototype cages for GH5, GH4, GH4+battery grip and GH4+YAGH.
  2. add hand strap
  3. next step: machine cages from Aluminium
  4. Next project: unknown

Hand strap

Last month I started designing my own cages for GH5, GH4, GH4+battery grip and GH4+YAGH.
I am considering these cages to be finished and a carbon fiber prototype of the GH5 cage is currently in the first of 2 field trials.

However one thing bothered me all the time.
I did not find a good way to add a leather wrist strap.
This is a feature I enjoyed on my previous (chinese) cages.

Now it hit me.
All this time I wanted to add holes for the strap at the top and bottom. However at the bottom the mounting screws where not allowing for enough space.
However the GHx bodies do have attachment points for a strap already.
So I just designed a small modification to the bottom of the cages and will test it next week.


The modified GH4 cage design has been printed and it works very welll.
I'll do the same modification to the GH5 cage design...


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