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I tried the "roast only" option in the alpha version of the Bonaverde "Coffee Concierge" Facebook Messen Chat bot today.


The "Coffee Concierge" Facebook Messenger chat bot it still in alpha stage. It does not have any error messages or reminders yet and expects you to do things in  exactly the sequence it expects you to. (Without telling you about details such as pushing the button.)

  1. You need to send the command "roast only" via Facebook Messenger. It will ask you for beans. It does not ask about the type of beans or other details for the roasting yet.
  2. Then open the door and close it again. Even if you have already inserted the green beans.
  3. Then and only then click "ok". It should start roasting after a few seconds.
  4. After roasting it will show a red light. That is perfectly okay because the machine is still hot. The light will go out once it has cooled down to safe levels.
  5. Only then will the machine unlock the door.


Update: I did not use a water filter yet. See 'roast only' on the Bonaverde - Aldo Parducci for the results when I added one.
Update: See Coffee with bottled water for later experiments with water that resulted in much better coffee.

The first time I tried that (then the machine was delivered) it did not yet work.
This time it seems to be be doing something.
It asked me to insert beans. I did. 
Then my "Berlin" coffee machine came to life and started roasting.
In case this would not be work out as a "roast only" , I quickly added a coffee filter and water.... Just to be safe.

It did *not* ask me what type of beans I had inserted or to scan the RFID tag of the coffee bean pouch.
My guess is that it is using some kind of default roasting profile.

After roasting it was suddenly glowing red and was indeed not continuing with any grinding or brewing.
I put the beans into a clear plastic bag with nearly no air in there to find out just how much CO2 they will release until Monday and to keep then away from oxygen.
Then I'm planning to manually make a nice espresso and maybe a fresh press. 

Result : "Almond"

filter coffee

After 1 week to release CO2, I made a filter-coffee in the Bonaverde "Berlin".
Half the beans with half the water, so I would have beans left for an Espresso.
It tasted very different from the freshly roasted coffee. This time it was neither bland nor completely sour. It tasted like actual coffee.
It was one of the original "Almond" bean-packs.
I'm not 100% sure if I did taste a hint of almond. It was not the taste I was looking for but it was a good cup that was neither bitter nor sour and actually tasted like coffee.


3 days later I hand-ground the remainder of these beans using a Hario "Skerton" manual coffee mill into super fine dust. This is my default setting because I like making Mokka with this mill.
From what I reat afterwards (to not cloud my judgement), grinding finer or having it in contact with the water for a longer time makes it less sour and more bitter. Grinding more coarse or with a shorter time the other way around. It also gets sour when not roasting long enough but I can't experiment with that parameter yet.

I made 3 espresso (Handpresso with 70°C and 80°C water) and a filter coffee.
The espresso was sour. Every time.

filter coffee again

The filter coffee was made with a Krups off-the-shelf machine and not the Bonaverde machine.
The filter coffee was strange. The first two espresso-sized cups where sour.
After then the later 2 ones where quite okay.
Later I burn my tongue so I can't dive much deeper here.

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