Dropbox-Client für Android II

After the first version of "Send to Dropbox" has been aproved...

Here is:

Version 2 of the authenticator (now works with multiple apps. Still each app MUST have it's own consumer_key and consumer_secret).
new protocoll:

AccountManager mgr = (AccountManager)getSystemService(Context.ACCOUNT_SERVICE);
final Bundle options = new Bundle();
options.putString("consumer_key", CONSUMER_KEY);
options.putString("consumer_secret", CONSUMER_SECRET);
AccountManagerFuture future = mgr.getAuthToken(account, "key"options, this, null, mHandler );
Bundle result = future.getResult();
String key = result.getString(AccountManager.KEY_AUTHTOKEN);

future = mgr.getAuthToken(account, "secret",options, this, null, mHandler);
result = future.getResult();
String secret = result

DropboxFolderSync.apk - still ALPHA and thus not release. At this stage it WILL destroy your files in the shared folder.

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