Dropbox-Icon - Act 2

After already reviewing and aproving my apps including their name and icon...

and after THEN complaining about the already aproved icons.

...Dropbox Inc. now has decided to complain about the NAMES of my 3rd party dropbox clients.

Dear Dropbox Inc.
if you supply an SDK with the sole purpose of having 3rd party apps be a dropbox client,
what do you think people would do with it? Maybe write 3rd party dropbox clients that
scratch the many itches that your minimalistic Andorid -client leaves?
Thus actually helping your commercial company many revenue due to more account-usage
and thus more account-upgrades?
Then how do you expect a program that can send files to the user's dropbox be named?
"Send file to some unnamed service I'm not going to tell because I shall not use the name of your service in my app to refer to your service as your branding rules mislabeled as guidelines allow me to"?
It's confusing enough not to have a dropbox as a PART in the LARGER icons to let have the icons of such apps actually serve their PURPOSE of making it clear that they are to client the modified dropbox-icon to create an account for their Dropbox instead of their Google account, their Exchange account or their Twitter account.
(All used by armys of 3rd party apps)

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