Send to Dropbox with modified Dropbox API

For version 2.3.0 of my "Send to Dropbox" for Android I took the desktop-java-api (as it is published in source contrary to the Android-api) and modified it for my purposes.
* allow loadconfig(null, true) like the Android-API does (creates an empty config to fill)
* proper logging (no Exception e... e.toString(), no unlogged exceptions, logging to android.utils.Log )
* allow move/rename
* allow delete
* allow a simple listener for file-upload-progress (updated in 1KB-steps to not slow down the upload)

Since all that OAuth and signature-code was already present it was quite easy to do.
Much easier then I thought it would

There is no code yet for continuing aborted uploads or canceling an upload in progress.
Any idea how to do that?
Sadly the api-source does not include Delta-encoding. It would be great to have that.

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