improving the Thing-O-Matic

Last night I worked myself through the list of Thing-O-Matic improvements.
Some of these changes seem to have already been applied by Makerbot itself.
The first 2 changes I applied myself where

  • a support bracket for the Y idler, as that seems to come loose after a while and some

  • hole plugs, to not get dirt into the electronics. Especially as I later want to build myself another milling-toolhead like I did for my RepMan

2 Kommentare:

Rob hat gesagt…

Are you planning to install any lighting in your ToM? I installed a 1m LED strip that I ordered with mine and it has worked really well. It's ideal for filming as it would be very dark otherwise and saves the need for external lighting.

I took some photos of the process when I installed mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rb-rt/sets/72157625936668361/

The Editor hat gesagt…

Yes, a 1m, 12V, 120°, 60LED, separatable, self-glueing, warm white strip is already ordered in HongKong.
Will take a while.