Things to Visit in SF/Silicone Valley after the GSoC Mentors Summit

...just keeping notes here.
Doing this on Google+ would mean that they scroll off screen too fast.

  1. Arrive
  2. Public Transport (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency? BART?)
  3. GSoC Mentors Summit
  1. GSoC Mentors Summit
  • Enough time to visit Silicone Valley?
  • What to see there? (1)
  • Computer History Museum already closed 17:00 (PDP-1 and copy of Difference Engine Nr.2) " only open only on Saturday 11 - 5, and Sunday 12 - 4. It is a 15-20 minute walk from Google"=>wouldn't work anyway
  • NASA Ames?
  1. GSoC Mentors Summit until 17:00
  2. Be in SF to check into the second hotel. (Where to store luggage after checking out?)
  1. Visit Noisebridge for "German corner"
  1. Travel back home 
Unknown day:
  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Al Catraz
  3. Pier 39/Fisherman's Warf
  4. Ride the Cable Car ;)
  5. Yosemite? -> asked other mentors to go together.
  6. Techshop  DIY workshop
  7. USS Hornet


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