YOOCNC CNC6040 up and running well

The CNC6040 is now up and running very well.
I just purchased my license of Mach3 and will probably get the hobby version of DeskProto too.
No longer loosing steps and now with a flat and wide machining vice mounted to the table to mount blanks at defined locations.

Haven't tested the 4th axis yet. At least not beyond jogging it manually to see if it moves.

I'm still running the chinese electronics and cables. These will be replaced with shielded cables and a Gecko G540 at some point but not right now. (Paying for the machine and the 2 software licenses is enough for the the time being.)
Now I'm waiting for some cutters and an 0.001mm dial gauge and my new drill to make the holes for mounting the end stops in my pocket.

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