MY BMPCC review

I just received my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera last night.
In this blog posting I'm trying to collect my findings about it to help others decide on it's maturity.


  • LANC focus control
  • LANC IRIS control (command codes unknown)

confirmed features

  • LANC start+stop
  • very fine and organic grain

confirmed, known issues

  • very low audio levels with internal or external microphone (Sennheiser MKE400 with levels "+")
  • constant white noise in audio
  • Focus button is extremely slow (2-4 second for a Leica lens that focuses in less then 1/10s)
  • no OIS on 14-42PZ
  • extremely short battery life
  • seldom dropped frames (3-4 frames on a total of 45min of 1-5 minute recordings) using Patrion Memory EP-Series 64GB UHS-1 SD-card

new issues

  • 14-42PZ does not shut down properly on BMPCC (lens doesn't collapse)
  • LANC cannot control the zoom on the 14-42PZ, ,14-42 II, 42-175 PZ and 100-300 using the Manftotto 484LNC (my fault. DAQ states that ZOOM via LANC is unsupported. :( )

feature requests

  • manual aperture control in the menu
    • you can do that. You have to press IRIS and the up+down buttons right below. Imposible with one hand. Difficult with 2 hands.
  • display of remaining minutes on SD-card
  • audio levels
  • deletion of clips in camera
  • formating SD-cards in camera


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