Tailstock height adapter for my TravelCNC

The original 4th axis on my TravelCNC was mounted so low, you can't even extend the arms of the chucks beyond the diameter of the chuck itself without hitting the table.
It was also so weak, that you could rotate it with 2 fingers while it tried to rotate the other way with all it's force.

So now I have a NEMA23 longneck stepper with tons of holding torque...and I can't mount it because it collides with the table.
Luckily it already came with a 10mm high alumimum plate to be mounted on the T-Slots.
What I did was to mill a small spacer out of wood to get the tailstock to the same Z+10mm height because obviously both have to match.

As it turned out, I had the wrong tool diameter in my CAM and it was 2mm too short.
..but that's easily fixed with hand tools while cutting it out.
(I don't want to cut it out with the CNC because I have no scrap-wood below it to ensure a flat surface.)

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