GPN is over

4 days of GPN 11 are over.
I did not get to test out my theory for an automatic tool-changer for my milling toolheads for RepMan and Thing-o-Matic.
However I did manage to assemble an old robot-arm that was collecting dust in the basement for quite some time now, learned a great deal of things, talked with lots of interesting people and got to print my improved RepMan to ToM toolhead-adapter and my geared follow focus.
I may do a video about GPN like I did about EasterHegg but that will take...a while.
...oh and I did manage to get a remote controlled wifi IP-camera working.
I planned to use it to remotely observe the printer and hit the emergency-off remotely if needed. However even with the latest firmware update I could not trigger the alarm-relay on the camera remotely. It only triggers via movement-detection. :(
So I'll have to resort to some hack with tilting the camera fully down to hit a micro-switch and kill power or something.

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