Thing-o-Matic upgrade

I just ordered the parts to
  • get an Interface Board to test my firmware-addition for it
  • add additional end-stops to increase reliability and error-detection
  • add a Magnetic Rotary Encoder to my MK6 steptruder to detect that filament is actually being pulled in (more reliability due to fault detection)
  • play with the Frostruder and different materials
  • play with the unicorn pen-plotter (yes, I coult print one but I'm ordering anyway)
I hope to get these shipped with my repaired/replaced boards and start experimenting in a few weeks.
(With all these tool-heads I'll at least design some way to switch toolheads quickly including the electrical connections. Maybe even use these TOM-toolheads on the larger RepMan too.)

update: 2011-07-13 tracking says they jsut cleared customs and are here next weekend. :) I'm also preparing some upgrades to my RepMan printer.

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