Video: [HOWTO] Illuminate your Thing-o-Matic

I just published another video.
This time it's a howto about a rather trivial modification for a Thing-o-Matic.
How to add an LED-strip, so you can see the build-surface properly (it's in the shadow of the Z-stage and un-illuminated).

I managed to get the Zoom H4n set up to directly record the voice-overs into my video cutting program.
This really simplifies the process of making such a video.
I only made 16:9 photos (no videos) while doing but that's good enough to describe this simple process.

I'm still not satisfied with the audio levels.
Recording with higher gain also increases the (low level) noise.
Using audacity's compressor too. Compensating using the noise-canceling only removes the noise in the silent parts. It is still clearly there in the voice. :/

I'm also thinking about adding a sound-effect to the HOWTO-intro animation but haven't sound anything that goes with the images yet.

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