I just changed the background of my YouTube channel to reflect the logo I have taken up. There is quite a lot of new content in the pipeline but moving to the new house is still taking up most of my time and will be for quite a while. I'm currently planning:
  • A 3d printed conversion kit to build a battery grip for the GH1/GH2 camera that contains phantom-power for external microphones, connections for mains-power and to be powered by cheap USB-cellphone-power supplies and to supply USB-power itself (e.g. to my Zoom H4n USB-power-cable
  • A 3D printed, 3 dimensional, 2 color microphone flag and a 3d-printed QR-code being printed as a 2-color print as an example of how to use the dual-head modification of the BitsFromBytes RepMan.
  • a 3d printed carbon (CFK) ultra-lightweight yet very sturdy camera tripod (3 telescopic segments, 2 rods per leg, cross-supports made from sturdy fabric)
  • ....
My new workshop is still being set up. There is no light yet and no sound-proofing. Also my new black PLA for 3d printing is not there yet. So....yes, all of this will have to wait much longer.

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