moving in

Sorry for not posting any projects in a while.
The reason is simple. I'm still moving and will be for a few weeks at least.

I'm building myself a really nice workshop in the new house and this takes a while.
Current status:
Way too large (and thus hopefully accurate in terms of positioning and rotational speed) drill press and a belt+stone grinder for cleaning up 3d printed parts are already there.
I still haven't decided on a large saw yet.
These will be the largest tools and mounted to very sturdy movable tables to not be restricted by the walls.
The first tables and drawers are now in place. So I can start stowing things away and get the cardboard boxes out.
Walls and work-areas on the tables are still to be done.

On the long table I want to set up set up 2 work-areas.
One for electronics (with soldering-station,.. and a wall of small bins to have a sorted set of the most common parts).
One for smart-parts engineering with a row of all typical M3-M12 nuts, bolts, wing-nuts, locking-nuts and threaded rods and of cause the usual tools like metric+imperial+torx hex-keys, wrenches and screw-drivers.

Of cause the large Repman will have it's fixed place too and the mobile Thing-o-Matic too!

The interesting part will come after these walls are assembled.
In the corner I want to set up my microphone and on both work-stations fixed 1/4 camera-bolts (plus markings on the work-table where the video frame ends) to document things I'm working on.
The walls and ceiling will be covered with acoustics foam both to protect my hearing and the neighbors from the noise of the table drill and to get a nice, dry sound recording when I'm speaking.

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