New house and new workshop

I'm slowly getting settled in.
Properly secured electricity for the new workshop is underway.
(3 tables with their own small circuit-breaker,
one FI safery switch for everything except light
and a huge emergency-off always within reach.)
I have tables now and the sound-proofing for walls and ceiling is in the late planning stages.
Table drill (way too large but I like that for accuracy in terms of position and rotational speed) with many ways to adjust it's surface
and a small grinder for cleaning up 3d printed parts are already there.
I still have to decide on a good table-saw.

The large tools can be moved around the room to use them on large things freely.
One table will be reserved for small machine building
with a properly sorted collection of nuts and bolts.
M2-M12 as well as 1/4" and 3/4" in a number of standard sizes.
I'll then try to limit myself to these sizes where ever possible in later designs for the 3d printer.
Another table will be for electronics with a raised stand for soldering station, soldering fume filter, illuminated magnifying glass,... .
In the corner there will be my large microphone to document whatever I'm working on along the way.
Camera mounting points with markers on the tables where the recorded frame ends are also planned.

The room is very small with a low ceiling.
I'll try to sound proof it to protect both my hearing and that of the neighbors.

...still a long way to go but it's slowly taking shape now.

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