power for the new workshop

I just installed a box of fast tripping circuit breakers and an additional FI for the workshop. Each of the 3 sections of the woprkshop "Electronics", "Documentation" and "Mechanics" has it's own 10A circuit breaker and it's own main power switch. All run through an FI and then into a common power outlet and thus through the 16A circuit breaker that governs that room (including the lights). So if anything ever breaks, one of these 10A breakers or the FI should trip and the tables are out of power but there is still light in the room to fix the problem. I do not yet have large, red emergency-off switches and there are not as many power-sockets as I want to end up with and the XLR-cable for the microphone has no hole in the table yet and..... Oh any my new vice has arrived! I really like this one. It can grip objects of any shape and be turned upright.

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