improving Firefox for Android

I'm looking into fixing the fact, that you can't access your stored passwords on Firefox for Android.


  • Added new menu item "Passwords" in Fennec preferences, just below sync
  • TODO: create dialog for displaying the passwords.
  • TODO: get and honour master-password.
  • TODO: how to localize my strings?
  • TODO: how to access stored passwords?
  • TODO: how to submit my patch?

Setting up

I've set up the development VM as per the instructions .
What they didn't mention was to
  • increase the memory of the VM from 512MB to something like 4GB+swap. Else ld crashes (see below)
  • You need to run an Ubuntu distribution upgrade to get the required yasm 1.0.x
  • You also need to install your language to get your localized keyboard layout and everything.

Where stuff is

The Android UI code seems to be Java but it's not stored as pack/age/name/Classname.java as it's supposed to be but flat in
  • mobile/android/base/*.java .
It is set up not like a Java/Android project but like a C project. So all sources have to be manually added to
  • mobile/android/base/Makefile.in

Sync related code is read-only and comes from a separate sync-repository. See
  • mobile/android/sync/README.txt

String resources for english are in mobile/android/base/locales/en-US .
It it not enough to edit the
  • mobile/android/base/locales/en-US/android_strings.dtd but also
  • mobile/android/base/string.xml.in

Non-String resources like xml/preferences.xml are in
  • mobile/android/base/resources and each new file you add needs to be added to
  • mobile/android/base/Makefile.in

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