Remote Filemanager for Dropbox ported to API1

    The CCC-Freiburg is visiting the Shack hackerspace in Stuttgart for the weekend.
    Apart from getting ready to do some programming in the Firefox for Android sources,
    I took the time to upgrade my "Remote Filemanager for Dropbox" app to the new Dropbox API1 instead of the old API0.
    It still needs a lot of graphical work and I had to drop the AccountManager for a first version but it can accept new users again.
    I find the northon commander style much easier to work with for transfering files then the official Dropbox app.


    Because it has the permission GET_ACCOUNT it needs a privacy declararion.
    That permission exists to access it's own account. the credentials you enter into the app to access your dropbox accounts. Not accounts of other apps.
    It has no advertisement. No tracking. Does nothing except the file operations you tell it to perform.

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