Mobile Fräs-Kreissäge-Stichsäge -Tisch

Update: This project got postponed indefinitely.

Lately I've been playing a lot with my CNC and woodworking.
Gaining experience in what cutters work up to what depth, what spindle speed burns rather then cuts the wood, how fast I can go, how to mount the parts properly and what tollerances I have to calculate with due to the wood bending, vibrating and flexing.

So here is my next project:
I'm designed myself a portable table that I can mount
  1. my large circular saw (using 2 flat bars),
  2. my cheap router (using 2 round rods) and 
  3. my jigsaw (using 4 bolts).
As you can see, apart from the jigsaw, non of these tools are equipped to be mounted below a table.

Having a CNC, I'm planning not only give them
  • precise mounting points but also 
  • pocket out the shape of these tools on the underside of the table and 
  • provide a bedstop that has precise stops every 10mm, starting at 0mm from the middle of the blade/cutter. ...and use an engraving bit to 
  • actually label these stops as well as a number of distances and angles on the table
  • and label heights on the bedstop-slider (for the router)
I'm not sure I can pull this off.
For once the table is quite large compared to the working size of my CNC and I have no experience in mouting anything flat yet.
I'll have to cut provisional holes. Use these to mount it onto the CNC. Then use the precise holes to mount it while cleaning up the provisional holes.
I'll also have to think about a sacrificial plate below this part, so I don't hit the CNC's bed when drilling all the way through.
I'll also have to have an easy to center on origin location in case MACH3 crashes, takes the current coordinates with it and I have to find my origin again to resume the program.
     IF I get this done, the design files will of cause be released as CC-BY . The mounting holes are very specific to these 3 tools but can easily be adapted to other ones.


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