Milling stamps

I'm currently collecting information regarding milling my own stamps on the CNC machine.
The main inspiration is to make some Hackerspace Passport -stamps for CCCfr.


You can get stamp rubber easily.
I thought about deep freezing it but a friend suggested against it and to cut deep with a real sharp bit to get large shavings.


Aparently an engraving cutter seems to work fine.
Conneticut uses a 1/32"=0.8mm one FFM a 1mm one.


FFM: 16K RPM and 200mm/s
Conneticut: 6 ipm = 2.5mm/s ???? 


Both use 2 passes. 
FFM: delta-Z=-0.75mm depth=-1.5mm
Conneticut: delta-Z=0.75mm  depth=0.060" = 1.5mm

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