Video "autro"

Having good intros to HOWTO and REPORT -videos,
last night I recorded a standardized ending.
Just the usual stuff with "please subscribe" and a QR-code to the blog.
Sadly YouTube lets you only link to YouTube -content in videos.
Not to just any kind of URL.
(Maybe a cross-site-scripting issue.)

I also changed my blog-template to have "subscribe" in "please subscribe" be a link now.
Everyone does this and for good reason.
You need subscribers to have any chance of becoming an YouTube partner at some point and thus
a) loosing the 15 minute limitation and
b) choosing your own preview-image for the videos.

This made me re-upload at least the recent HOWTO -video showing my Thing-o-Matic quickchange -upgrade for the Automated Build Platform.
Mainly because I'm linking to that video from the upcoming and now nearly finished PCB-milling video.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Just a few typos:

becomming -> becoming
upcomming -> upcoming

"autro" -> "outro"