A fast and foldable 3D printer


A fast 3d printer that can be folded up for transport.
  • fast -> don't move the object, move the head
  • fast -> no bowden extruder (stop/reversal issues)
  • transport -> include 1 roll of filament inside the case


Based on the Type A Machines "Series 1" design.
Better to base directly off the ToM to Series upgrade.

The glass plate could get a joint to fold up, flat onto the Z rods.
Use a reprap heated bed instead of the glass plate.
The top XY-assembly be taken off and attached to the backside including the Z rods, now vertical glass plate and the 2 electronics boxes.
The front would become either
  • just 3 L shaped pylons to support the front of the XY-stage or
  • a cover for the front that would in transport cover the open XY-stage
Get away with the bottom entirely. One of the electronics boxes would need a hole
for the hot end poking out of the XY-stage.
Since your XY-stage is so thick, the space could be enough to transport a spindle
of filament right inside the case.
(What good is a printer without filament.)

*** Blog posting will be constantly updated as this idea matures.***

Upgrade path

Start with the Thing-O-Matic electronics, Z stepper+spindle, small X+Y steppers.
Upgrade later with a reprap sized heated conveyor belt (running left to right) instead of the glass plate/heated bed.


  • 21.11.2012 - idea formulated, asked Type A about the license of their laser cut files, searching for people willing to help
  • get my Thing-o-Matic extruder working again first. 
  • Start by creating parts in Alibre Design for the X/Y-stage and an assembly from the Series 1 drawings.
  • give proper named/part numbers to all existing and new parts to efficiently discuss changes.
  • (planned) 23.11.2012 - design the new laser cut parts needed during a train ride
  1. build tray with joint to folt it 90° up.
  2. detachable top
  3. new front side to act as a cover for the top
  4. right electronics box with hole for the extruder
  5. shorter bottom plate
  6. Makerbot compatible extruder+hot end mount to reuse them until an upgrade to the Series 1 extruder is feasable
  • (planned) ??? - CNC mill the plywood parts (instead of laser cutting)

Update: I'll postpone this project and do the "regular" ToM to Series1 upgrade first to determine the mechanical load the moving toolhead imposes at high speeds.


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