Nexus 7 fails

(I'm not at all unsatisfied with the device. I'm just pointing out where it can be improved. Much needed to have a contrast to all the hype.)

I just got my Nexus 7 32GB 3G.
I wanted a Nexus10 with 3G to have the resolution for camera remote control in FullHD but such a device is not sold.

These are the first few minutes of unpacking:

No SD Slot

We knew about this missing, important feature all along.
Still  a huge disapointment.
A tablet is a really nice device to show photos around.
Photos you just took.
But for that you need to get the SD card out of your camera and into the tablet.

Since there is no regular sized USB slot, I cannot attach a card reader.


Ripped the case in tryin to open it using the obvious finger-hole.
This could have been a much smoother experience.
Have a look at the clever packaging HTC always did for their models.
(My last one was the HTC "diamond" Touch Pro.)

"Sim Ejection Device"

supplied SIM ejection device....
Looks like a paper clip to me.

Micro SIM fuckup!!!

Dear Google, what about telling me before that this giant tablet needs a fucking *MICRO SIM CARD*????
Inside a slot large enough to fit a regular Mini SIM card and artificially made smaller by an inserted plastic tray.


As a company this much under scrunity for having access to way too much data, this leaves a very bad taste.
Of cause it's nice that the device is already personalised to the account that purchased it but this would be much nicer to be in the form of a question asked uppon purchas and/or a personalised engraved name in the case like with the Nexus One.

Wrong translation of the question below "Sie sind nicht *me*?" = "You are not me"?

No Telephony/SMS

There is no telephony app (headset or bluetooth car set) nor an SMS app.


It takes some getting used to, that the keys now change orientation too and are no longer hardware keys at the left side, where the hand is in landscape.

Free books

It's nice of Google to give me some books for free....but *why are they all in english*? This is a German device with a German power plug shipped to Germany and aparently already customized with a German account.
So why would you gift me books in English?

Missing updates

Google took the time to customize this device with my account...but I still *have to install updates* to the supplied, basic Google apps 24h after it was shipped?
And not "install all updates now" but I have to *open and install each single update* with multiple taps!
Google? These are YOUR apps!

Also: The *update button jumps* as soon as the icon next to it finishes loading.
One more example of how *Google consistently fails to test in slow, unreliable, real world networks* all the time.

There is also a *system update* waiting while it's still busy updating and intalling all the apps.
Why wasn't this shipped with Android 4.2 right away if the software was already customised to my account uppon purchase?


At maximum the speaker is not very lound.
Barely enough for a movie in a quiet room. Certainly not enough for a room that is not quiet.


It's very strange to not get the notifications when pulling down at the top-center like you are used to on a phone. Instead you have to pull down at the top, left edge.


Firefox has one major issue. Every time I close a tab or navigate "back", the browser closes. (And the tab stays open)
Seems to be Androiud 4.2 or tablet -specific.


The swiping is nice...but worthless  without a good dictionary.
I want my device in German but I type in German and English and sometimes (e.g. quoting or translating or simply using english technical jargon) both.
"Language&Input" has an obvious way to select your second and third language.
(A typical american oversight, one meight say.)
It's hidden in the settings of the specific keyboard even though these dictionaries affect all keyboards.
After installing british and american english, the space bar still the current language but doesn't react to any long press, flinging, dragging or similar to change it. (missing hint)
You have to search the internet to find that after already selecting the additional languages in the settings, you still need to long-press the & key to get a menu, there disable "system language" and select the languages you want to actually use.
(I don't know why you would install keyboard languages you don't want to actually use.)
It also still doesn't support multiple languages at the same time. Bigger issue then a native english speaker may think it is.

Play Store/Android Market

No longer has a menu entry "my apps". (I'm looking for an app I once had installed but that didn't fit onto the phone anymore.)
Screen jitters and freezes during an ap update.
Does not show the app description in widescreen, only in portrait when an update is offered.

Developer options

The developer menu is well hidden now. You need to tap the build-number 7 times to get it to show.
The crash log menu can be activated then to show under "battery status" of all places.

The USB-driver for ADB is the one of the Nexus Galaxy. But that driver doesn't know the USB device ID of the Nexus 7 and has not been updated. So you need to manually select that driver (after becoming or calling an administrator) and ignore the warning that the driver is not compatible with this device.
Who would think of using a Samsung driver for an Asus device?

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