CNC lessons learned

Having a great time with the CNC milling machine.
Getting that huge 6x10mm flat end cutter reduced the time from a day's work to a few hours.
Removing 2x2x4 times as much material in the same time.

Now I should look for 3mm flat cutters with rounded edges to replace the not really flat cutter that came with the #YOOCNC #CNC6040.
Currently my surface quality is just up to what my 3D printers produce while it could be so much better.

The biggest problem seems to be silently loosing some steps every now and then.
I should make it a habit to use that cheap mechanical edge finder when switching tools between roughing and details anyway.

The laptop is also too far away from the machine. I want to replace it with a touchscreen based machine mounted to the CNC on an articulated arm.

Attaching the shop vacuum cleaner was a great idea. Next up are an enclosure and bellows to protect the axes from dirt and dust. I'm also looking for a micrometer.

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