Gnucash Andoid app

Status: Brainstorming

An Android companion app to
  • enter expenses as they happen
  • expenses are stored templates involving multiple accounts and currencies
  • the actual values for each split are either to be enterd or a fixed percentage of an already entered value (e.g. 19% sales tax of a petrol purchase for the company car go to a different account)
  • look up existing transactions and invoices
  1. Gnucash (zipped XML) file is stored on a Dropbox or other network storage accessible from the phone
  2. After my first feature request for an official XML Schema was declined, wait for my second one to be accepted.
Possible Solutions:
  • jGnucash requires JWSDP. No idea on how to port that part of my code Android yet.
  • OFX import - does not allow split transactions at all
  • CSV import - does not allow split transactions at all
  • Gnucash API - C and desktop only. I don't do C anymore and idealy there is no desktop involved.Also: "Unfortunatly there doesn't exist any up-to-date coherent set of documentation."
  • Gnucash Android app (Sources) doesn't read or write Gnucash files. It only exports OFX.
  • Wait for the Gnucash team to come up with a network protocol or similar

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