Improving Gaerisls Extruder

The issue

In my first 2 attempty the mounting of the ball bearing simply broke...on both sides.

The solution

I guess I'll design a stronger lever-arm before trying this extruder to replace the unreliable(at least with PLA) in my .
I should also try to print it with 80% infill instead of my usual 25%.

The original is only posted as an STL. Gaerisl didn't post his source files.
So I need to take meassurements and design mine from scratch using Alibre Design 2012. :(
Why do so few people publish their source files to be modified and why don't we still have an interoperable file format for parametric CAD?

Update: Gaerisl based his design on one by Jag and he not only published his source files but even published them as Alibre Design files!!! Life is great!

Update II My strong version is printed. First try worked but I was not perfectly satisfied. So I changed a few meassurements and printed a second time. Uploaded the final version to Thingiverse of cause.

Update III The extruder is working but I found one side of the idler-arm axis to be weak. Also  a few smaller issues.  Fixed them and am currently generating the G-Code to print a new body. ..it will be a pain to insert the mounting bolts yet again. :(  So far the new extruder is working. Only longer prints like this extruder body will show how well it performs regarding manual tension adjustment.

Problem!!! The front part of the extruder main body, holding the axis to the idler arm, broke before I was able to print my improved version. Can't print at the moment. :(

Update IV: testing and  how to mount the extruder without going crazy.

Future plans

If the NEMA17 turns out to be too weak, I can still gear it down using this. ;)
When the extruder finally becomes reliable, I can turn to making a proper (tensioned and leveled) Quick-Change ABP belt out of the Quick Change HBP.

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